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Hello, My name is Robert Maves Jr Realtor and Pro Photograher a Celebrity & Luxury Wedding Photographer and Florida licenced Real Estate Agent For Homelife Luxury properties For a Quick Reply please fill out my contact form at

Or For Real Estate Go to

Welcome To My Biography and Sample Gallery Site,

..I am a professional photographer specializing in World wide destination weddings, portraiture, Real Estate, in producing photography at the highest standards of excellence available in the industry.

I have been a professional photographer for more than 30 years, providing creative photo journalistic ,candid style, with artistic photography images for my clients from around the world. I am privileged to capture people's smiles during some of life's most important moments: at weddings, anniversaries, bar and bat Mitzvah, reunions, school events or any other special occasion. My job is to document those precious moments for you in photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I also offer themed photography, tailoring my wedding coverage for a diversity of specific clients needs from world famous celebrities to high school students. I capture models and lifestyles of all kinds. I have worked with all kinds of professionals and officials, mayors, doctors,Real Estate Professionals , Super Yacht Owners, runway glamour models,famous Green Bay Packers, musicians, attorneys, CEOs and small business owners but most importantly the American family.

With my proven track record as a professional wedding photographer includes having captured over 310 weddings. I am based in Miami FL. for the Winter and for Summer in Chicago, IL., Door County, WI... the "Cape Cod of the Midwest." Working with an experienced pro allows you to rest, assured that you're working with an industry leader who will successfully capture your "big day" with unsurpassed quality and fine craftsmanship, unlike any other photographer.

I am equally comfortable under any circumstance, whether your wedding be at a synagogue, a church, a temple or outdoors at a park or a tropical lagoon. The many ideas that come to mind on the wedding day when shooting, can be endless. With camera in hand, I often shoot an endless amount of photos but I always create a detailed advanced plan before the event. I am very fussy on details, doing my homework, creating and checking my lists, looking for all of the great shooting locations in preparation. On the wedding day this helps to make it stress-free for everyone from the bride with her wedding party to the photographer!

I enjoy taking the time and putting careful attention into lighting control, posing subjects in a natural manner in order to best flatter the subject(s). I often use 2-3 radio-controlled powerful studio flash systems on many of my pictures which opens up the shadows. I also employ back-lights on the subjects' faces and background in order to give images a pleasing photograph with an interesting background, a warmer look and no flat lighting. This gives me the option to easily modify my color balance and exposure under any sort of changing light conditions.

My award-winning images have been in fashion magazines, Website advertising, brochures and catalogs, real estate, newspapers, television commercials and more. I have many years of creating fine commercial photography, meeting and working with photography professionals from around the World, capturing great Images on film and in digital formats. I am always looking for a "Kodak" moment where ever I go.

I have been a college photography instructor, teaching with basic studio photography classes, darkroom printing, photo finishing, picture framing and have worked for over 9 pro studios that include Kramer Photographers in Chicago. I have also worked and studied under many famous master photographers that gave me inspiration like Rudi Popovich with I am also lucky to have studied with Monte Zucker MPP, one of the world's most acclaimed master teachers of portrait and wedding photography, as a mentor and a coach. He always pointed me in the right direction so that I could achieve my maximum photography potential.

Just one of the 9 professional studios that I have worked at (Kramer Photographers ) http://.

Monte once said, "Be creative and do what ever it takes."

I have worked on all types of interesting assignments from weddings, commercial photography, travel, hospitality.motion picture films, and resort industry, large and small businesses, Websites, social media, food, products and studio portraits.

At Robert Maves Photography, no job is too small or too big. We have a large network of talented photography professionals to call on as needed. Visit Our Website http://.

When shooting, I take the time to do the job right with extraordinary photographic techniques, skills, the right lighting, posing, positioning of camera, settings, using tripods when needed, scouting locations. Then, after the photo-shoot... I upload, edit in Adobe light-room and Photoshop each and go though every photo for the best finished image for stunning photography, so you get the best exposure that is a well developed Image for a sharp, clear, composition with correct cropping, color and image clarity. I take great pride in giving all of my clients my best work. We offer Two Photographers When You Book A Full Day.

That's why I spend up to 40 hours in post-production in editing after the Wedding, giving my customers photographs that will last their lifetime. This is why I use only the best brand of cameras for my work, the Hasselblad and Nikons with a range of lenses with back up cameras and lenses also with on location studio soft-box lighting equipment and post production software programs used in the industry.

We can offer post production editing on destination photo shoots if needed and provide edited finished DVD's. For my stunning real estate photography, I do HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) along with exposure fusion techniques with Adobe Photoshop

We understand that in today's business world, everything is needed by the customer on time, so we offer rush services with a 24-hour post production turnaround as an option.

We offer on line proofing,photo retouching,portraits custom prints and albums for all you photography needs we bring the studio set up to you

We offer creative photography with artistic stylish, custom designed albums, photo-retouching on portraits, custom Websites, Facebook landing pages, social media, wedding photography classes and workshops.

Most of our work is high end digital but we also still love to shoot print film and slides with a Hasselblad medium format for those ad agencies that need high detail film images.


Member of the Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) Door County Wisconsin Chapter

Past member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Past member of the Wedding Photography Association (WPPI)

Wedding Packages and Pricing



Classic – $1995

5 hours of Wedding day coverage
90 Custom Processed Pictures in hard bound 11″ x 14″ proof book with custom cover
90 Custom Processed High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
250 to 350 additional High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
Low Resolution Preview JPG’s on DVD
Pre-wedding consultation
Web page gallery of 90 images included in proof book


Premium – $2400 – Our most popular

6 hours of Wedding day coverage
1 hour Engagement Photo Session
120 Custom Processed Pictures in hard bound 11″ x 14″ proof book with custom cover
120 Custom Processed High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
250 to 350 additional High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
Low Resolution Preview JPG’s on DVD
Pre-wedding consultation
Web page gallery of 120 images included in proof book


Heritage – $3400

8 hours of Wedding day coverage
1 hour Engagement Photo Session
180 Custom Processed Pictures in hard bound 11″ x 14″ proof book with custom cover
180 Custom Processed High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
350 to 450 additional High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
Low Resolution Preview JPG’s on DVD
Pre-wedding consultation
Web page gallery of 180 images included in proof book
30 page 10″ x 10″ flush mount album with up to 60 pictures of your choice


The Masterpiece – $5600

10 hours of Wedding day coverage
2 hour Engagement Photo Session
240 Custom Processed Pictures in hard bound 11″ x 14″ proof book with custom cover
240 Custom Processed High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
350 to 450 additional High Resolution JPG’s on DVD
Low Resolution Preview JPG’s on DVD
Pre-wedding consultation
Web page gallery of 240 images included in proof book
1 – 40 page 12″ x 12″ Leather flush mount Album with up to 80 pictures of your choice
2 – 40 page 10″ x 10″ Leather flush mount duplicate Parent Albums



We can travel anywhere, to any country or destination wedding location with studio equipment and lighting. We offer a 3-day package with a 2nd photographer starting at $5000 (plus travel expenses). We will capture all of the fun and create a custom album to keep your wedding and honeymoon pictures as a lifelong keepsake to share with friends and family. All destination weddings are custom quoted for engagements taking place in the USA.

We are proud to have partnered with a risk management organization that provides both Rain insurance and event cancellation insurance

For a fun, friendly professional photographer, we are "The Professional's Choice."

We have plans and packages for optional ownership and copyrights of your Wedding Day with your own DVD's.

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Call us today to get a custom quote or to set up your photo shoot: e-mail me or Call 1- 920-737-3815

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All images are under copyright by The Federal Copyright Act, Robert .Maves Photography.


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